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Plaid or Print?

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We've been making mixed media polo shirts for quite some time but we've never ventured out of the solid/plaid version..until now!  We're now offering the mixed media polo in solid/paisley:

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Thanks Christopher!

Super thanks to our model Christopher Rex Stone for an awesome photo shoot!

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This guy embodies Filthy Etiquette

Use code "MrBurns" for 40% off all items!Mr Burns is what we all strive to be...if you're interested in being rich and evil...which we assume you are.  Excellent....

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Is this shirt too bold?

This one is a bit wild but is it too wild?

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Cardigans - Open or Closed?

The traditional way to rock a cardigan is to close all of the buttons with possible exception to the bottom one.  However, we are starting to see men choosing to leave all of the buttons open for a casual look.If layered properly this look can be pulled off!  Here at Filthy Etiquette we prefer the [...]

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Official Rules of Croquet

Fact: there is an organization called the United States Croquet Associationhttp://www.croquetamerica.com/croquet/rules/americ... There are too many rules to list out so we just picked our favorites:players should not:swear at a player, official or spectator,use obscene, abusive or insulting language or gestures, orthrow a mallet or hit a ball in protest or anger.Keep it respectable out there

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Photo Shoot in the Rain

The chance of rain was 0% so we went ahead with our photo shoot.  But of course...it rained on us.Luckily our model Steve was a trooper and didn't melt away when the rain came down.  No cameras or equipment were damaged.

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Defining Filthy Etiquette

Our brand name consists of 2 words: "Filthy" & "Etiquette".  The dictionary definitions of these 2 words are listed below:Filthy - to an extreme and often disgusting extentEtiquette - a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.In other words you could call our [...]

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New Arrivals!

Check out our new arrivals!

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Fall Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak preview of our Fall 2014 Collection.  All styles will be onsite before August 20th.  Let us know what you think!

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